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Saturday, 3 December 2011

Why cat won’t use the litter box

Why cat won’t use the litter box
The biggest problem for owners of cats is due to a cat who does not suddenly decide you want to eliminate its fund garbage. 
 In addition to fragrance, there are additional costs of ruined carpets and embarrassment when he stopped the visitors.  
Cats, but, naturally clean animals and need to make some investigation to find out what is happening has changed the habit.The first reason cats stop using the litter box clean.  
The number of times you clean the window? While the cat can tolerate once a day, while others may insist on the frame to be cleaned every time you use them. 
 In the latter case, it may be useful if you can invest in the self-cleaning litter box. If cost is a problem, then try cleaning the box more often, and see if that helps.I've recently changed brands of waste? Most cats prefer the brand they are accustomed. This should not be more expensive, and some prefer even cheaper brands. If you find garbage and make the cat seems to be happy, and stick with it.A more important reason is that the cat may stop using his box litter is a disease. It is permissible for a visit to the vet to check the cat for infection tract urinary potential to be in the system.  
Such infection with the cat feels the pain and the elimination of pain associated with the garbage.
It should be borne in mind that most cats will not stop with the litter box trained and one-time make it easier for you to understand. Find the cause of eliminating things one by one.  

Both will be happier cat for this effort. 
 Stay out of trouble and you can benefit from a house cleaner and carpet smell nice.

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