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Saturday, 24 December 2011

You & Your Cat

Most cat owners know that cats companion can be just like a dog regional counterparts.
In the wild, and the cat is primarily an animal confinement. 
 Although it is not uncommon to see them in certain families, and vigorously defend personal space. Cat's instinct is to wander and explore, looking for mental stimulation.  
Can deprive them of this opportunity as a result of many behavioral problems. 
 Outdoor cat houses perch are a great way to provide a safe haven, and the prevention of behavioral problems, and give them a home.
And is characterized by the behavior of the cat periods of intense activity and restful sleep. In fact, the majority of sleep nearly 12 hours a day. When he wakes up, wander often aspires to the territory.

Psychological factors are important is the ability to hunt, make friends, play games, and has a specific area, and to which he belongs.
Houses suggests a kind of a house cat, a safe place to go and sleep.
There are risks inherent in the cat to live outdoors. 

 Cars and other animals pose a significant risk to their health and safety.  
And knows the territory of a snapshot of the distance that has to travel to meet their physical and mental health.  
This risk is increased based on when you travel.
Outdoor cat houses perch, if well designed, can be held close to the house cat, and provide the opportunity to play and explore their own space.
Behavior in animal feed and are usually a result of the instinctual needs unmet.  

For cats, and this is especially true.
Conflict with the owners of property is not suitable eliminate damage due to scratching and aggressive tendencies.
On the assumption that the elimination of all medical problems as a reason, many of the "acting out" cats simply need more mental stimulation. 
 Cat houses face this problem, and incorporate elements of fun in the drawing.
Being built in the outer edge of the cat houses cats with specific preferences in mind. 

 Cats love to climb and hide, so height is important.  
Add a brothel where you can provide to stay away from prying eyes. Must be easy to clean and keep up with.  
Homes weather-resistant outdoor cat is also an important issue. 
 Must withstand the rain and snow.
It should build a roof to prevent leaks, and insulation is to add a nice feature. 
 Regardless of the method, a swimming pool in the outdoor cat Persian home is a simple way to do something good for pets.

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