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Saturday, 31 December 2011

How To Care Your Siamese Cat's Fur in Winter?

  How To Care Your Siamese Cat's Fur in Winter?
Siamese cat is one of the most easily recognizable of all breeds, especially when these flashes of almond-shaped blue eyes. 
 Siamese cats may be characteristic of the very, but still tend to be large in a way that will take care of any another cat, with care being very high on that list carefully.
The good news is that the owners of these Siamese cat does a good job to look after his own hair, even if they were of the breed that I love to be pampered and preened, so regular brushing is still a good idea.
The only time the cat may need help and when you have a Siamese cat had not yet learned the ability to judge correctly, and even during the winter, when almost every breed of cat fur grows heavier approach to protect against low temperature.  
Grooming did not begin until the end of care, fur coat, and Siamese cat, in particular, has some very special problems that require the attention of His love.
Let's start with my coat, though, and while the Siamese cats and short hair that you did a great job of keeping, grooming them on a regular basis will help keep excess hair under control, as well as being a very beautiful way to you with a cat. 
 Can be in many cases, brushes a little 'rough short hair of Siamese, so it may be a good idea to use a comb, or better yet, add a little "hands wet and working through the body of the cat. 
Will stick too much hair in your hands, and Kitty will be Massage is very nice in this process. During the winter months you can warm your hands under warm tap water first, so he gets the double narrative of heat from the base.
Siamese's claws is a very important part of the governance process, and this is why they can not back down completely. 
 Sure to keep it cut, which will reduce the risk of destroying itself, and you also to the issue. 
 Beautiful eyes of the Siamese have a tendency to tear, so it should be cleaned regularly with a damp cloth, try to keep one hand free for petting your cat to keep him relaxed during this process. 
 There is very little else to do when it comes to the ruling, and if you focus on doing these things regularly, then the cat Siamese cat will grow into an adult looking beautiful.

Your Cat Pancreatitis

Your Cat Pancreatitis
Pancreatic function is to help balance blood sugar, and also provides digestive enzymes to begin the process of digestion of carbohydrates, proteins and fats. 
 An indicator of acute inflammation of the pancreas is a marked increase in amylase and lipase in the blood.  
This happens because of these enzymes to escape from the channels of the pancreas and again become absorbed in the blood.  
Symptoms include digestive disorders, vomiting, severe abdominal pain, loss of appetite.
Cats Pancreatitis is a condition in very poor understanding of the veterinary community.
It 'hard to diagnose, and are rarely the direct cause of the discovery.
Unfortunately, the discussion of the causes of this disease in the veterinary authorities do not consider the effects of malnutrition continues.  
As with many chronic diseases, a cat, usually this condition is associated with poor diet, which is too high in carbohydrates (diet typical dry kibble).
It can also be a prelude to pancreatic diabetes cat.
The pancreas is burdened by a lifelong diet of wheat, or a variety of other foods high in carbohydrates, this device can not keep a better job in front of this food is decent. Inflammation can damage the pancreas to destroy the ability of this device to perform its normal functions.
Another factor that may affect the pancreas is the presence of toxins in the form of food contamination, heavy metals, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, drugs and vaccines administered by the veterinary profession.
The treatment of pancreatitis is usually a cat, by mistake, and the same treatment as the dogs - that a diet low in fat and high in carbohydrates.  
It should be noted that the diet of consumers of meat should be real low in carbohydrates and high in protein.  
Even if the jury is still out on whether to monitor dietary fat is a good idea to feed the flesh, which is relatively low in fat.
Full non-essential amino acids in the form of fresh, lean meat and raw.
And you should avoid foods high in processed carbohydrates at all costs, to avoid further damage to already weakened pancreas.
Cats may require integration with injections of insulin or enzymes added to food in order to regain influence the secretion of these vital substances.

Friday, 30 December 2011

Your Cat Will Not Damage Your Furniture Any More

Your Cat Will Not Damage Your Furniture Any More
Anyone who has owned a cat at some point is quite familiar with all the cats that can cause damage with their claws. In fact, the cat's claws are a number of functions: cats use them for climbing, pulling, turning speed, motion, acceleration, defend themselves and even self-cleaning after using the litter box.
If you do not believe us, just look at your cat playing with a toy to see how they use their claws to pull, grip and change direction.
All these activities are part of the natural feline behavior.
Scratching is part of the daily routine of the cat.  

One of the reasons why cats scratch is because this activity helps the cat keep their claws sharp.
In addition, scratches provides good exercise for the cat and makes the muscles of the front legs stronger.
Cats who live outside scratches on trees, but domestic cats have no trees at home, to use alternatives, such as carpets and furniture.
Provide a Pole Scratching
Indoor cats need to have an area where they can demonstrate their natural behavior of scratching. This is why you must provide them with a scratching post. 

 This is usually a building made of wood orcompressed cardboard covered with carpet or sisal rope.
There are various types of scratching: the basic ones that are less expensive and more sophisticated with numerous apartment buildings, garages and levels which are more expensive. You can also make such a construction alone at home.
And 'essential to start training your cat to scratch appropriate areas at a young age. 

 One way to achieve this is to rub catnip on the scratching area you want your cat to use.  
This is a good start for the proper development of this habit.
In the event that they have delayed this training or have a new cat who is not trained, do not be surprised to see them scratching the furniture and causing serious damage. The training will be very difficult in this situation, but it is not impossible.  

You can get a scratching post and deliver it when the cat uses it.
During training you can use various tricks to protect your furniture. 

 One way is to cover the furniture with sheets or jets. 
 You can also wrap the parts of the furniture with foil or shelf paper stick.
Another alternative is to use a natural repellent sprays which is repugnant to your cat.
Cutting Claw, No Declawing
Another way to limit the damage on your mobile is to cut the claws of the cat. But this procedure must be conducted very carefully, because it can cause pain or bleeding if you cut too deep.  

Your cat should be very used to you and should be fully relax in order to successfully cut their claws. 
 We recommend two people to be involved in the procedure.  
One of them held the cat while the other will go to clip the nails as fast as possible.
If you do not want to do it yourself, you can take your cat to the vet.
It is not recommended to declaw your cat, because this procedure is actually very painful surgery that affects the future life of the cat.

Your cat 
 will face many challenges without claws.  
The cat can get awkward and will not be able to defend effectively.  
Very often the process of export of the nails causes a very aggressive behavior, veterinarians may refuse to execute it.

What Can Diabetic Cat Eat

What Can Diabetic Cat Eat
Poor eating habits and may contribute to the cause of diabetes in humans, and this is also the case of dogs and cats that eat dry food carbohydrate diet or canned.
The activity of pet food to meet optimal health of our companions, cats
 And it helps us to strengthen our relationship with cats the best products for strength and longevity?
They have the best intentions of honor and respect for these animals? 
 Do not respect their dignity and mission deserves the love that these organisms?
Or they just give in to the bottom line, and to business as usual?  
And the creation of these multinational companies threaten the existence of animals that we have chosen? 
 According to Elizabeth Hodgkins, DVM, "all companies, pet food, with huge investments in their current formulations, dry and long-term purchase of components that make up these foods. 
Each has a huge cat food, dry plants customer base that does not intend to convert the best types of foods with lower profit margins.
dictated by the components and basic food items to various forms of cat food with the requirements of food technology, dietetics, not cats. "It's not the money, the 'ethics that determine the commercial component of dry cat kibble, which has been described as "food" complete and healthy.
Consider the number of large and growing population of cats in front of debilitating chronic disease, due to the fast-food dry food on a daily basis, for life.  
A case in point - diabetic cats. 
 The cat has developed over thousands of years, as the consumption of meat. It was adapted for a meal that is high in carbohydrates, but it is a diet that is primarily proteins. We have domesticated cats and often become very fat, due to the consumption of cereal-based food, resulting often in the diabetic cat.  
Today, will be diagnosed in about one percent of patients with diabetic cats cats, and in many cases, the diagnosis is completely preventable.  
Some of the reasons that have been identified by a veterinarian, occupational diseases are the pancreas, hormonal imbalances, and certain drugs, and obesity.
In fact it is usually a diet that is the culprit.  
Wild cats in their environment, do not contract the disease because they do not hunt diet pills that rely on! Cat has a unique metabolism designed machines for the production of protein and energy from near exclusion of carbohydrates as an energy source.
Obesity is not the reason, but simply the result of a proper diet. 
 Obesity is just a warning sign that the cat food is biologically appropriate.  
Never fat cat is not healthy.
He developed signs of satiety in the cat, the consumption of wild prey, and claiming to eat meat. These signs and paid only when the cat has eaten enough protein / fat-based diet. These signals of satiety did not develop during the amount of carbohydrate consumption.  
The result is the cat's food. 
 Meeting the needs of the energy consumption of carbohydrates, but can easily bypass these energy requirements.
The result is that the consumption of these nutrients is not suitable creates excess glucose, and often makes high levels of insulin, which places a burden on the pancreas.
Eventually, the pancreas is exhausted, it was not designed to produce the required amount of insulin to do with a diet rich in glucose, diabetes and effect.
There is good news!
According to the information we have collected from the holistic veterinary community, and there is light at the end of the tunnel with diabetes, especially in the case of the feline form of the disease.
Most cats can be cured of this disease, and can get insulin doses are usually reduced and the eventual elimination, and the cat can be returned to the balanced state of health of diabetes.
Pancreas have been exhausted, the cats have the ability to recover significantly, once again, doing his insulin, once one has been eliminated with a diet high in carbohydrates, and replace them with high protein / fats.  
This is very exciting news! You can cure diabetes cats from this disease.
An important note: It 'very important to monitor glucose levels when making any change of diet for patients with diabetes cat.  
Can an overdose of insulin can be life threatening and, therefore, it is necessary to reduce the levels of insulin based on glucose levels, and can be achieved using a standard blood glucose meter at home.
If your veterinarian is recommended that you feed dry kibble, diabetes diet, and perhaps it is time to take matters into their own hands, and to inform your veterinarian about the risks of food this food is not appropriate, and if it is must find their own way for the good of pet you have.

Thursday, 29 December 2011

What Your Cat Water Fountains

 What Your Cat Water Fountains
I was the owner of the two kittens as someone whose cat had a litter was not home to find two of them and I could not say no.
Living next to the wood, I thought I would be increased to two of them are outdoor cats and allow them to hunt their own food.

We lived in an area where there are mice, squirrels, rabbits and other animals for them to catch.
Fresh water was always available to them from the streams and lakes nearby.
The cats and I were always together, both outside and inside.

We walked in the woods together and they would drink from the nearby streams and lakes. Indoors, they would keep me company when I was at the sink and they would help themselves to running tap water.
I began to explore Cat Water fountains when I was away from home for more than one day.

My biggest concern was how the "boys" would get fresh water in winter when the water froze. 
I could not leave the tap running all the time.
I thought the cat would Water fountain the next best thing to be a running stream. I wanted her to get used to the fountain and let it run out while I was still at home.

They were not interested in the fountain when I was still to turn on the tap.
They had trained me to turn it on if I was at the sink or not.
I decided not to turn the tap and when they should instead go to the fountain to see.
It took a while, but eventually they started using the Cat Water Fountain. 
Now I could leave home without the worry of where they get fresh water.
I was convinced that the Cat Water Fountain was the best option for the cats in my absence.

I used to watch them in the streams and see how excited they were to drink water. 
A constant stream of water is exactly what the fountain provided.
The water would not stagnate and non-standing water is definitely a healthier choice.
I was very happy with my decision to Cat Water Fountain purchase.

I was able to travel for a few days at a time and not worry if the cat had enough fresh water. It was a perfect solution.
for your cat care

Your Cat And Dry Food Consequences

Your Cat And Dry Food Consequences
If you are one of the millions of people who, in good faith, were fed with dry food for cats, based on the belief that it is healthy, nutritious option for domestic cats, then you're in good company.  
We have been led to believe that, through clever advertising, it dries on the basis of 'food' the grain is full and proper nutrition. In fact, it must necessarily be a ground of these products are seen as "fast food" for lovers of cats learners. 
 Even now remove natural diet of wild cats prey dry cat food, and it is almost impossible to maintain the health of cats when fed these diets for a lifetime. Even though these foods make it easy - just scoop and dump - cat pay the highest price in terms of chronic pain, and shorten life.  
He created the appearance of dry cat food if the well-meaning individuals can put the wrong fuel into the engine of their animals, and the results were disastrous. Almost all the medical conditions of today's cats, can be attributed to feed cats dry food.
A major problem with the dry food from the grain, and its headquarters, is the level of processed carbohydrates, usually in the form of grain or potatoes.
These starches, carbohydrates cargo of food and essential element in the production of dry kibble. Not only providing coverage is too expensive and the extra calories, but without these components in the training of the dog food will not be possible. 
 Mud, which made the kibble extrusion, and not "pop" in the stories of small size without the addition of carbohydrate fillers.
The cat's natural diet does not include a high level of carbohydrates. Based on the composition of food for wild beasts of prey, programmed to digest cat food cat about 55 percent protein dry matter, imports about 35 percent fat dry, and less than 2 percent of carbohydrates. This is not even remotely similar to a nutritious dry kibble.
The dense carbohydrate dry foods are a number of problems associated with many diseases of modern cats. 

for cat care:
 These include conditions such as lower urinary tract disease, for example: the formation of crystals of struvite and oxalate stones, kidney disease, (most of the cats over the age of 15 and kidney disease), heart disease, gum disease
 In the case of lower urinary tract disease and renal failure, and the main reason is dehydration. 
 Urine to become very focused on what is called the body to supply water in the digestive system in order to re-hydrate dry food. 
 Sharp Cat is not a natural water, because it is born as a predator of the desert.
In addition, because of high levels of carbohydrates in the digestive tract of the animal is a carnivore, and it becomes very alkaline urine and struvite crystals are the result of very common.
Must be such that the carnivorous cats eat meat in order to maintain the acidic environment in the kidneys and the bladder, thus creating a healthy environment for the treatment and disposal of toxins and excess fluids in the body.
When fed a diet of cereal for breakfast poison build up tartar, gum disease and must be one of the many unfortunate results. 
 Design dictates that the cat's teeth is, undoubtedly, the meat eaters needed, and are used to tear flesh. 
 When teeth are exposed on a daily basis, and the milling of dry kibble, will not only be the result of lime due to the carb content / sugary foods, but will not be a surprise on the degree of acidity in the oral cavity, and the lime Consequently, just as is the case in humans.
When the accumulation of lime left unchecked, can lead to gum disease, which then leaves the cat susceptible to diseases such as heart disease, kidney failure and other problems associated with the various organs of the body.
The enzymes in the digestive system, essential for the digestion process in all animals, is devoid of 'dead' the heavy processed, foods such as dry kibble.
Facing the heat that rises from the components that make up the dry food, and destroys the enzyme activity. 
 At this point, it should depend on the different activities of the digestive system of the body to provide sufficient enzymes to break food at the point where the body can benefit from it for growth, energy, etc. This process of "stealing enzyme" leaves of impoverished state, and the end result is the emergence of allergies.
Dry kibble and also lack essential fatty acids. 
 These fatty acids, also referred to as omega, is in fact necessary for the welfare of meat eaters, and are essential for the hormonal function, and many chemical reactions in the body.
The destruction of these omega-core facing the increase of temperature, exposure to oxygen.
It could be the lack of essential fatty acids in the skin due to poor health and coat, eye problems, kidney and liver degeneration and wound healing.
Cats need at least two of these essential omega - linoleic and arachidonic acids.
It has been found only in animal tissue arachidonic acid, so it is important that the cat consumes fresh raw meat, which can be found on this fatty acid Omega in abundance.
If we feed our cats are carnivorous companion to the degree you deserve, it becomes clear that we should abandon the temptation to take the easy way out of 'scoop and dump.  
We must make the choice of a diet as soon as possible to what nature intended. It must be a diet of raw meat necessarily an option.

how can you recognize the illness in cat

  how can you recognize the illness in cat
People say that cats have nine lives, because they may be able to overcome injuries. However, the responsible owner never allowed to take a life away from the company and his / her beloved. Remember the cat likes to feel safe and is the best reward may be made at any time before.
Cats are sweet, affectionate and playful. Each day, give a smile to their masters.
In addition, cat owners consider their pets part of the family. So, what happens when someone in your family gets sick? Concern only to provide them with the same care and comfort. 
 Finally, bring them to the doctor.
And you've already made contact with other pets.  
The level of intimacy in your friendship with the passage of time is even more profound.  
However, unlike humans, cats can not verbally express their feelings in your language. How do you know if there is something wrong with them? What are the signs if they are sick? In fact, you should be careful in monitoring them. Different types of cat diseases show similar symptoms to a certain extent.
Even if your pet is not feeling well, can you give a cat a cat carrier and comfortable bed.
To keep in mind that any inconvenience can make your pet sick.
Cat carriers of particular importance when traveling. 
 Discomfort of travel can make the cat dizziness and vomiting.  
On the other hand, there is a need to keep the cat warm friend during cold nights.
The carrier can be a bad cat cat bed to be a cause of the disease, the cat.  
However, make sure that the appropriate size for him / her.
In addition, preferably those with adequate ventilation. Finally, do not settle for cat carriers easily destroyed and the family cat.
Now we spend on finding out the disease in cats. 
 The most important thing you must do, is the definition of symptoms or any changes in bodily functions and the cat. Do not take at the first sign of symptoms less severe.
Treatment of common diseases cat immediately to prevent them from becoming worse. Here are ways on how to tell if the cat was sick:

The Cat in the patient for 24 hours.
Observed abnormal discharge from the other body openings.
He / she lacks the energy to react.
Became / that picky about his / her food.
I noticed an unusual change in appearance.
He / she causes the sudden change in behavior.
It can be said on the basis of his / her facial expressions when he / she is not feeling well.
He / she an unpleasant odor.
He / she has vomited repeatedly.
I noticed lumps on the body of your pet.
When the cat has trouble breathing.
Cats do not want to drink.
Cat bleeding.
Cat makes no noise.
Observed increased secretion of saliva.
The fur is falling.
Cat is the opposite extreme of normal behavior.
His / her weight dropped dramatically.
If you notice any of these changes are present in your pet for more than 24 hours in an attempt to seek and apply first aid. 
 If you think you need to bring the cat to the vet, then do it. Readings and personal research is important.
However, the veterinarian's diagnosis is probably accurate. Moreover, they know what the best treatment to prescribe.

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

When a Cat Won't Use a Literbox

When a Cat Won't Use a Litter box
Cats are usually very easy to train litter. This is because they want to use sand or dirt to be used in the bathroom and love to have something to zero thereafter. 
 Therefore, if you have trouble getting the cat to use the litter box, and then there is a potential problem.
The first thing you want to control the number of litter boxes you have. It should be the same number a number of cats you have, plus one more. For example, if I have three cats, then I have four boxes.
This may seem like much, but it makes a big difference for cats who are picky, and even when they face regional issues.
Next, you want to see where you saved the box.  
It should be placed in a private to a certain extent, is also easily accessible. 
 If you can not put it in a particular area, we recommend getting on the box is covered, so that cats can get the privacy they crave. In addition, there is no place for the litter box close to eat or drink. I do not want to eat next to the toilet and do not have any!
Cats are creatures very demanding and difficult, and clean.
Generally, if you were using the box, it is because the box is not as clean as you would like to be.  
Make sure you clean the litter box as possible. I try to clean it twice a day, and then a thorough cleaning once a week.
Attempt to show the cat where you use the box.
And just put the cat in them does not work. Gently attempt to keep his front paws and cats scratch them in the trash.
This shows them that they should be scratched away, and where the zero point, they leave.
If you follow all these tips, then you should be able to get your kitten to use the box.  
If any of these suggestions work, then the cat may have a medical condition. 
 Urinary tract infections can cause pain during urination, causing the cat because of the pain on the box, and find other places to go.
Also, can the additional pressure of things such as moving cause the cat to behave badly in general.
I hope these tips have worked for you, have worked for thousands of parents still cat!

Comfort for Your Cat .... Cat Beds

Comfort for Your Cat  .... Cat Beds
How to sleep without worrying about the cats, so the cat family are perfect for feline friend. Moreover, as the cats are sleeping on the heights, because they are more heat and high temperatures is something that the cat is very affectionate. 
 Even if the cat does not need to care of all your time, your pet will be happy to embrace a corner of the room where you are.  
Pet cats who enjoy human companionship, and even if it does not show all this time.
When you buy this product a cat, you should make sure they are large enough to contain your pet. It should be a cat bed is soft and comfortable, and must be made of durable and high quality. Keep in mind that cat bed should be cleaned regularly.
One way to maintain proper hygiene is to put a blanket on the bed, and wash it from time to time.
The cat is probably the favorite place at home.
It would be a great idea to put a cat bed. Another good place to read is the cat's scratching post or cat's superior fitness. This will make the bed more attractive to your cat and he or she will curl up there with pleasure.  
If you do not have a job to scratch, you can put a cat bed on a high shelf or cupboard.  
Dark and quiet places, where appropriate, as cats are not sleep disorders.
It 'a well known fact that the cat will be happy to sleep in the same room with you, but the animal can not enjoy sleeping in your bed because of the movement and attention.
Cats need lots of sleep, nap and take seriously. 
 In the case of a cat sleeping in the room that are most commonly used by the family, place the bed in place of non-competitive, where children can not reach, and can not disturb the cat.
Sleep is very important for cats and love to have a proper place where they can easily curl up. This is why kennel is a great gift for your feline.  
Provide a soft warm bed for your pet lover.  
You can make it more convenient if you put it at the top of the place that is warmer and the cat can sleep undisturbed. Bed will give your cat a cat the safe and reliable on its own.

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