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Sunday, 25 December 2011

Stress and Depression in Cats

 Stress and Depression in Cats:
The tension and depression is relatively common in domestic animals (as well as animals in captivity, like zoos). It can be caused by a number of circumstances or events.
One of the events that disturb the cats noticed is the expansion of your family.
When you move your new husband (or out), the new baby comes home, making the transition to the home of his parents, or parents on the go with the family: this event has caused the stress of the animal, as do people .
Many people respond to stress is depression. It seems that the detention of cats - the reaction of many of the stress with a bout of depression.
This can stress, depression and / or anxiety leads to a physical problem in the urinary tract (this can also affect people, but it is still under investigation).
In cats and this is called feline idiopathic cystitis feline disorder or disease of the lower respiratory tract (in the person of the so-called interstitial cystitis, as in the case of cats and seems to be caused by stress or some type of stressful events).
Symptoms of this disorder are: pee outside the box and litter, and crying during urination, excessive licking of private parts, and blood in the urine, difficulty in urination occurs (such as voltage, frequency and / or urination for a long time). Note that not all symptoms must be present, only one or more.
There are many possible causes of stress and anxiety for your cat can lead to anxiety and / or depression, which causes or contributes to the problem of urination. The following list is not exhaustive:
- For the attention of the owner (maybe the cat is sick, unhappy, or simply feel neglected)
- The owner or friends / brothers are outside
- Pet is lonely / bored
- Garbage is not clean enough or often enough clean
- Animals in the new house (being regional)
- Stray Cats are insults and banter, and possibly through the window
- Any significant change such as moving the new baby, spouse or roommate
- It can be something as simple as moving furniture upset some of the animals
- Trauma Kittenhood as being one of the 3 districts in gunnysack of 10 Cats - sad and hope are rare, but true
In addition to these environmental factors, veterinarians, researchers and identified a relationship between depression in cats and hormonal imbalance in the brain of a particular animal. 
This hormonal imbalance makes the animals more sensitive to situations of stress or environmental factors. Similarly, many people have a genetic or hereditary component to depression, which may be the result of a hormonal imbalance, neuroreceptors (such as serotonin and dopamine), and issues of the synaptic cleft, or perhaps an insufficient number of sites receiving for the best balance brain chemistry.
Research has shown that most people, in many cases there are both biological conditions, social or environmental causes a bout of depression.  
The treatment for this type of effect is ideally involves both medical (anti-depressants or other drugs) and social treatments (such as changes in counseling, lifestyle and environmental). The treatment for your pet is likely to be quite similar.
In the short term medication is not uncommon, while the change or environmental enrichment is a must.
See for the first time the vet to rule out any health problems such as blockage of the urethra (which suffers from symptoms similar to feline idiopathic cystitis, but where this animal does not pass urine, or lack of urine frequently - this is medical emergency for your pet to a veterinarian should be sought immediately), and the elimination of other factors such as diabetes or other medical problems that may be causing the behavior.
Once the vet and deleted all other medical possibilities and set the tension and anxiety and depression as idiopathic cystitis or a cat and then the challenges to be met. 
 First, the current episode of the disease must be addressed, and prevention of accidents in the future.  
In this case the treatment is just like human beings.

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