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Friday, 30 December 2011

What Can Diabetic Cat Eat

What Can Diabetic Cat Eat
Poor eating habits and may contribute to the cause of diabetes in humans, and this is also the case of dogs and cats that eat dry food carbohydrate diet or canned.
The activity of pet food to meet optimal health of our companions, cats
 And it helps us to strengthen our relationship with cats the best products for strength and longevity?
They have the best intentions of honor and respect for these animals? 
 Do not respect their dignity and mission deserves the love that these organisms?
Or they just give in to the bottom line, and to business as usual?  
And the creation of these multinational companies threaten the existence of animals that we have chosen? 
 According to Elizabeth Hodgkins, DVM, "all companies, pet food, with huge investments in their current formulations, dry and long-term purchase of components that make up these foods. 
Each has a huge cat food, dry plants customer base that does not intend to convert the best types of foods with lower profit margins.
dictated by the components and basic food items to various forms of cat food with the requirements of food technology, dietetics, not cats. "It's not the money, the 'ethics that determine the commercial component of dry cat kibble, which has been described as "food" complete and healthy.
Consider the number of large and growing population of cats in front of debilitating chronic disease, due to the fast-food dry food on a daily basis, for life.  
A case in point - diabetic cats. 
 The cat has developed over thousands of years, as the consumption of meat. It was adapted for a meal that is high in carbohydrates, but it is a diet that is primarily proteins. We have domesticated cats and often become very fat, due to the consumption of cereal-based food, resulting often in the diabetic cat.  
Today, will be diagnosed in about one percent of patients with diabetic cats cats, and in many cases, the diagnosis is completely preventable.  
Some of the reasons that have been identified by a veterinarian, occupational diseases are the pancreas, hormonal imbalances, and certain drugs, and obesity.
In fact it is usually a diet that is the culprit.  
Wild cats in their environment, do not contract the disease because they do not hunt diet pills that rely on! Cat has a unique metabolism designed machines for the production of protein and energy from near exclusion of carbohydrates as an energy source.
Obesity is not the reason, but simply the result of a proper diet. 
 Obesity is just a warning sign that the cat food is biologically appropriate.  
Never fat cat is not healthy.
He developed signs of satiety in the cat, the consumption of wild prey, and claiming to eat meat. These signs and paid only when the cat has eaten enough protein / fat-based diet. These signals of satiety did not develop during the amount of carbohydrate consumption.  
The result is the cat's food. 
 Meeting the needs of the energy consumption of carbohydrates, but can easily bypass these energy requirements.
The result is that the consumption of these nutrients is not suitable creates excess glucose, and often makes high levels of insulin, which places a burden on the pancreas.
Eventually, the pancreas is exhausted, it was not designed to produce the required amount of insulin to do with a diet rich in glucose, diabetes and effect.
There is good news!
According to the information we have collected from the holistic veterinary community, and there is light at the end of the tunnel with diabetes, especially in the case of the feline form of the disease.
Most cats can be cured of this disease, and can get insulin doses are usually reduced and the eventual elimination, and the cat can be returned to the balanced state of health of diabetes.
Pancreas have been exhausted, the cats have the ability to recover significantly, once again, doing his insulin, once one has been eliminated with a diet high in carbohydrates, and replace them with high protein / fats.  
This is very exciting news! You can cure diabetes cats from this disease.
An important note: It 'very important to monitor glucose levels when making any change of diet for patients with diabetes cat.  
Can an overdose of insulin can be life threatening and, therefore, it is necessary to reduce the levels of insulin based on glucose levels, and can be achieved using a standard blood glucose meter at home.
If your veterinarian is recommended that you feed dry kibble, diabetes diet, and perhaps it is time to take matters into their own hands, and to inform your veterinarian about the risks of food this food is not appropriate, and if it is must find their own way for the good of pet you have.

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