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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

? Who an April Fool About Cats

? Who an April Fool About Cats
Is your kitten over four months old and you haven't had her or him spayed or neutered
If you have other whole cats in your home, you are playing a dangerous game
Even if your female is the only cat in the household, she will soon be going into estrus (heat), a very uncomfortable, even painful condition
Or your male cat will soon be copiously spraying every surface with strong urine
I'm not judging you - I've made the same mistake, long ago
But since then, I've learned so much about the problem, that I feel compelled to share my knowledge with readers
The litter of kittens pictured here were fostered as a result of someone else's failure to spay and neuter.Please don't be an April Fool about Spay and Neuter. Photo Credit: © Laura White
When your cat is sick, do you call the veterinarian for an appointment, or do you email someone (such as yours truly), or search the Internet for a diagnosis and treatment advice? Please don't play games with your cats' lives
 Learn when to call your veterinarian, and if you are still reluctant because of money problems, check out these resources for help
Your cat's very life may depend urgently on veterinary treatment
Are you seriously thinking about declawing your cat because of claw damage to your home? Are you under the impression that declawing is just minor surgery
Some veterinarians consider it routine surgery, and may have even suggested it to be done at the same time as a spay or neuter of a kitten. Believe me, it is not routine to cats, who were born with claws for many reasons, and they need to keep them for the same reasons
While cats have evolved for thousands of years, their claws still remain an integral part of their anatomy
There are many other ways you might be playing the April Fool all year round
Read more to learn more
On the other paw, perhaps you are an April Fool like I am, all year round
You talk baby talk to your cats. You lavish them with toys, such as catnip mice; play laser beam games with them or spend hours wadding up paper balls for them to chase, or playing hide and seek. Your home spells "cat house" to visitors, because there are scratching posts and cat towers in almost every room, and photos of cats on every wall and table surface
And at night, you are lulled to sleep by the warm, furry, vibrating body lying next to you, knowing that all is right with the world

Special Needs for Cats

Special Needs for Cats
Special needs cats, or "other-baled" cats often need special care
They may have been born with special needs, contracted retroviruses such as FIV or fELv, developed diseases such as Diabetes, or Chronic Renal Failure, or lost limbs through accident, cruelty, or amputation. 
Blind or deaf cats may have come that way at birth, through malnutrition or disease, or by other means. Some cats may have a combination of special needs, e.g., a blind cat may also be FIV positive
The one thing all special needs cats share is the fact that they can be active, loving companion cats, despite what we humans might call "disabilities." I prefer "other-baled," which I first saw mentioned by Amy Shojai, Puppies Guide for About.com, and former Contributing Writer for Cat Behavior
Cats have an amazing ability to amplify their other senses and abilities when they lose one
As an example, blind cats can quite readily find their way about the home with their marvelous sense of scent and hearing, coupled with tactile "road maps" of whiskers and fur
Tripod kitties, such as Sierra, can get around quite readily, thanks to cats' innate ability to balance

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