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Thursday, 29 December 2011

how can you recognize the illness in cat

  how can you recognize the illness in cat
People say that cats have nine lives, because they may be able to overcome injuries. However, the responsible owner never allowed to take a life away from the company and his / her beloved. Remember the cat likes to feel safe and is the best reward may be made at any time before.
Cats are sweet, affectionate and playful. Each day, give a smile to their masters.
In addition, cat owners consider their pets part of the family. So, what happens when someone in your family gets sick? Concern only to provide them with the same care and comfort. 
 Finally, bring them to the doctor.
And you've already made contact with other pets.  
The level of intimacy in your friendship with the passage of time is even more profound.  
However, unlike humans, cats can not verbally express their feelings in your language. How do you know if there is something wrong with them? What are the signs if they are sick? In fact, you should be careful in monitoring them. Different types of cat diseases show similar symptoms to a certain extent.
Even if your pet is not feeling well, can you give a cat a cat carrier and comfortable bed.
To keep in mind that any inconvenience can make your pet sick.
Cat carriers of particular importance when traveling. 
 Discomfort of travel can make the cat dizziness and vomiting.  
On the other hand, there is a need to keep the cat warm friend during cold nights.
The carrier can be a bad cat cat bed to be a cause of the disease, the cat.  
However, make sure that the appropriate size for him / her.
In addition, preferably those with adequate ventilation. Finally, do not settle for cat carriers easily destroyed and the family cat.
Now we spend on finding out the disease in cats. 
 The most important thing you must do, is the definition of symptoms or any changes in bodily functions and the cat. Do not take at the first sign of symptoms less severe.
Treatment of common diseases cat immediately to prevent them from becoming worse. Here are ways on how to tell if the cat was sick:

The Cat in the patient for 24 hours.
Observed abnormal discharge from the other body openings.
He / she lacks the energy to react.
Became / that picky about his / her food.
I noticed an unusual change in appearance.
He / she causes the sudden change in behavior.
It can be said on the basis of his / her facial expressions when he / she is not feeling well.
He / she an unpleasant odor.
He / she has vomited repeatedly.
I noticed lumps on the body of your pet.
When the cat has trouble breathing.
Cats do not want to drink.
Cat bleeding.
Cat makes no noise.
Observed increased secretion of saliva.
The fur is falling.
Cat is the opposite extreme of normal behavior.
His / her weight dropped dramatically.
If you notice any of these changes are present in your pet for more than 24 hours in an attempt to seek and apply first aid. 
 If you think you need to bring the cat to the vet, then do it. Readings and personal research is important.
However, the veterinarian's diagnosis is probably accurate. Moreover, they know what the best treatment to prescribe.

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