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Thursday, 22 December 2011

5 Tips to Help Your Aging Cat Live Healthy

The longevity of cats vary depending on the cats. If you have a pet older are overweight, and the ability to live long, healthy life will be good, and cats tend to gain weight and a lot of diseases, like diabetes and heart disease. 
 Cats can live anywhere from 12 to 20 years. It was reported that a cat has lived 35 years.
Older cats are similar to the elderly.  

Access to hearing loss, arthritis, lack of vision, problems with your teeth and gums, dehydration, weight gain, constipation and gray hair, cancer, hyperthyroidism, heart disease, and lack of exercise, and kidney failure, and the similarities are many. There are some things you can do to ensure that the cat has a long life and healthy aging.
1. Arthritis - If your cat ages, arthritis, and has difficulty jumping up or walk, you can make them more comfortable trying the following. One piece of memory foam on the bottom. Protect your cats safely aging bones, or read the memory with the elderly. 

 In addition, many veterinarians recommend glucosamine for cats age, it also helps to relieve pain.
Call your veterinarian to determine the appropriate dose, which is good for your cat older. 
 Aging is used when the cat litter box, put a small step so that they can enter and leave it better.  
Sometimes stop using the litter box because they find it difficult to enter and exit. This is a proven fact.
2. Exercise - your cat's age can sleep all day, but they need some exercise, because, as in humans, and use it or lose it. It 'good to take time to play with them.

Find a cat that really loves, and spend some time playing with them every day. If your cat does not respond, keep trying, and will make a difference in attitude and your cats' health. 
 Exercise also helps keep your weight down cats.
3. Gums and teeth - 75% of cats and some kind of dental problems. There are many kinds of flavor toothpaste for cats that can be used to clean teeth.

You can be assured that if the old and bad breath of your cat, and they may need their teeth brushed, or there could be problems in the teeth and gums.
4. Grooming - with age as cats tend to groom less and less. 

 In addition, there can be a real problem with the carpet of fur of cats with long hair.  
Investment in the shaving brush and brush a hand quietly. It will not only lead to a beautiful coat, but the cat is relaxed as well.  
They love the extra attention, as well as society. 
 When he does, a cat who love them.
5. Diet - like your pet's age, lose their sense of smell and taste, among others, and the food that you have been granted has become bland. 

 For older cats who eat dry food, try adding a little 'hot chicken broth to eat at times.
If your cat is suffering from diabetes, has been known to give them a high protein diet to reverse diabetes in some cats.

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