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Saturday, 24 December 2011

Understand Kitten Behavior

 Understand Kitten Behavior;
Believe it or not, there is much to learn about cat behavior! Part of the estimate that almost every thing they do is very adorable, they are learning a lot at the end of the day and the formation of their personality in the future during these early weeks. 
 Understanding more about your feline friend's present or future, will be better!
Since the beginning of
If you have a cat and cats, have found these abandoned or simply wondering what your cat has gone through before arriving at your home, you can get educated as well as from the beginning.
• Creation of two weeks - and by the time you reach the cat two weeks, and eyes open and begin to familiarize yourself with the sounds around them. 
 Competing at ground level has already begun.
Have been developed and could see well enough to recognize her mother in three weeks, and the sense of smell - • two weeks for eight weeks. They are on foot (though clumsy) and teeth that come in four weeks. Then, a week later, they begin to learn to suppress and avoid obstacles. In the eighth week, we know how cats groom themselves and interact socially. They have developed motor skills and sleep.
• Two or three months - and this is the period in which she played the most active. Learn how to ambush, licking, hug, throw, clutch, and hold, jump and kick at this time.
• Three to six months - and in these months, and they see and use the dominant or submissive behavior, both in the trash, or in their families living with humans and other pets.
Importance of socialization
Hurayrah that will be abandoned or taken away by his colleagues in the trash, in the early lose the value of socialization. 
 May be more shy or withdrawn or may be just the opposite and end up very aggressive towards people and other pets.
Cats are usually weaned about seven weeks, but some are not breastfed longer if they are looking for comfort when you start the mother left them for long periods of time. And cats who were weaned too early, often isolated or suck pillows, blankets and arm or whatever, and long after they are adults.
And those who do not give enough time to socialize with their mother and litter mates, have trouble reading the signals.  
Do not know where you are drawing the line between speaking and bite or may become too rough when wrestling.
It turns out that the skills are not acquired before the cat is eight weeks of age can not be learned. It 'also showed that cats held by, a day for 15 to 40 minutes, before they are 7 weeks of age will develop brain generally larger.
The behavior of the unfavorable
If you are thinking about getting a cat, and there are some behaviors need to be prepared to face that you can not find anything this nice.
• Scratch - the case of cats to scratch their nails, energy and the release of the mark their territory. Do not get mad, and simply redirected to another fine scratches.
• pollution outside the litter box - when the dog goes potty in the house, and easy to clean, the cats are a different story.
Make sure you have a quality product on hand to clean up any tampering to not prolong the smell and so do not be tempted to return to that point.
• play too rough - and in general this is a major concern when the cat was weaned too early. They chase you, pretending to bite (or in some cases, the bite of reality!) It may chew your arm or foot.
• jump - if you do not want the cat on the counter or table, and stop at an early age.  
Easy trick is to take a piece of tape and create a gift of bubbles with them and stick to it along the edges of the counter.
A gift for the tape is not strong enough to pull your hair even if they were not related to their discomfort is not enough to keep trying.
Cats may show changes in behavior or may begin to play a variety of reasons. May feel bored, lonely, anxious, stressed, scared, hungry or not satisfied with the changes in the table or the environment.

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