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Monday, 26 December 2011

cats care

Being a pet owner has a big responsibility, and assumes that all new levels of self-defense when the pet you choose is one that requires a lot of attention. 
 When it comes to cats, there could be any other breed that will require more of your time, and demonstrate that the Persian cat. They are beautiful animals, but their fur needs constant attention, if he wants to maintain the appearance of everyday luxury.
Most cats hate to be wet, but given that the cure for Persian sector is an important day, it may be a good idea to try to get a cat being bathed your Persian used every 2-6 weeks, which is usually about what will be needed as they age.
Care of the fur becomes very important to increase the number of times the brush, it's winter time when the Persian begins to pay debt. This can mean different courses daily brushing, and effectively to help get rid of this excess hair, and avoid the possibility of the mat.
The best way for small cats and Persian cats groom is the use of large metal comb, because that is the most effective in maintaining separate furs, and free from significant hair loss. "It is very important to make sure the comb down behind the ears, as well as under the gun, because this is where most cases of mats tends to start.
As you comb, you must watch closely the hair on the ground, such as the thickness of the hair can hide the signs of dirt that may have accumulated.
When it became necessary to give the Persian cat bath, you must do so in a room warm and dry. Fill the tub with an inch of hot water, and then slowly lower the cat in the tub, and petting him as you do.
It is a good idea to keep calm and relaxed during the process, and this is why it is important to start getting used to swim when they are puppies, usually begins when about 3 months of age.
Once you are comfortable, you should use a small cup and then pour water on their fur, making sure to keep it away from the eyes and ears.  
Next is the shampoo, making sure to use one that is appropriate to the Persians, and wash him off, and repeat, bringing the lawsuit to get the belly and paws clean when.

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