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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

When a Cat Won't Use a Literbox

When a Cat Won't Use a Litter box
Cats are usually very easy to train litter. This is because they want to use sand or dirt to be used in the bathroom and love to have something to zero thereafter. 
 Therefore, if you have trouble getting the cat to use the litter box, and then there is a potential problem.
The first thing you want to control the number of litter boxes you have. It should be the same number a number of cats you have, plus one more. For example, if I have three cats, then I have four boxes.
This may seem like much, but it makes a big difference for cats who are picky, and even when they face regional issues.
Next, you want to see where you saved the box.  
It should be placed in a private to a certain extent, is also easily accessible. 
 If you can not put it in a particular area, we recommend getting on the box is covered, so that cats can get the privacy they crave. In addition, there is no place for the litter box close to eat or drink. I do not want to eat next to the toilet and do not have any!
Cats are creatures very demanding and difficult, and clean.
Generally, if you were using the box, it is because the box is not as clean as you would like to be.  
Make sure you clean the litter box as possible. I try to clean it twice a day, and then a thorough cleaning once a week.
Attempt to show the cat where you use the box.
And just put the cat in them does not work. Gently attempt to keep his front paws and cats scratch them in the trash.
This shows them that they should be scratched away, and where the zero point, they leave.
If you follow all these tips, then you should be able to get your kitten to use the box.  
If any of these suggestions work, then the cat may have a medical condition. 
 Urinary tract infections can cause pain during urination, causing the cat because of the pain on the box, and find other places to go.
Also, can the additional pressure of things such as moving cause the cat to behave badly in general.
I hope these tips have worked for you, have worked for thousands of parents still cat!

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