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Monday, 5 December 2011

Cat Feeding

Cat Feeding:
Cat food is definitely one of the most important needs of cats and should be submitted by the owner.  
I think everyone agrees that this is the number one need for animals such as cats and the type of food you feed them also reflect the nutritional content of food.
We must feed the pets we have most of the food nutrients so that they will be able to grow well and free of the disease as possible.  

There are guidelines to remember how to give your cat a balanced diet and to the maximum extent possible, from a lack of drinking water.  
What then is to remind the others?  
These tips that will allow us to overcome the malnutrition of the cats?• Avoid giving food for cats that are the products "," meat and / or bone meal, "" animal digest "Most of the descriptions of other, including" digest "or" meal ", and added sugars, and this is not would be good for them, and will be of any use to them.• Do not feed containing corn flour as a filler.• Avoid meals provided to own that nearly 50 percent of carbohydrate fillers.• It is strongly recommended power supply with a portfolio too.It should be noted these tips if one does not know what to buy for his cat, he will certainly end up giving the wrong food.What then might be good for cats?Always in mind the basic food needs of your cats.  
This includes fish protein and taurine from meat, poultry, or source, one of the essential amino acids, and some other vitamins, minerals, enzymes, fatty acids, water course.Cats need carbohydrates?Well, you do not need as much as we do. 
We could not get out of those positions, especially carbohydrates in canned food, but must be followed and which do not reach or exceed 50 percent of fillers. 
Tip important is food to feed your cats vary from time to time, you may feel bored easily if they were cats eat the same food all the time. It sink in appetite and, of course, the total animal nutrition.We hope that with these pieces and the pieces that you can take note of the important tips that you have to make do with the right food for your cats.Have pets growing.

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