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Thursday, 29 December 2011

What Your Cat Water Fountains

 What Your Cat Water Fountains
I was the owner of the two kittens as someone whose cat had a litter was not home to find two of them and I could not say no.
Living next to the wood, I thought I would be increased to two of them are outdoor cats and allow them to hunt their own food.

We lived in an area where there are mice, squirrels, rabbits and other animals for them to catch.
Fresh water was always available to them from the streams and lakes nearby.
The cats and I were always together, both outside and inside.

We walked in the woods together and they would drink from the nearby streams and lakes. Indoors, they would keep me company when I was at the sink and they would help themselves to running tap water.
I began to explore Cat Water fountains when I was away from home for more than one day.

My biggest concern was how the "boys" would get fresh water in winter when the water froze. 
I could not leave the tap running all the time.
I thought the cat would Water fountain the next best thing to be a running stream. I wanted her to get used to the fountain and let it run out while I was still at home.

They were not interested in the fountain when I was still to turn on the tap.
They had trained me to turn it on if I was at the sink or not.
I decided not to turn the tap and when they should instead go to the fountain to see.
It took a while, but eventually they started using the Cat Water Fountain. 
Now I could leave home without the worry of where they get fresh water.
I was convinced that the Cat Water Fountain was the best option for the cats in my absence.

I used to watch them in the streams and see how excited they were to drink water. 
A constant stream of water is exactly what the fountain provided.
The water would not stagnate and non-standing water is definitely a healthier choice.
I was very happy with my decision to Cat Water Fountain purchase.

I was able to travel for a few days at a time and not worry if the cat had enough fresh water. It was a perfect solution.
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