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Thursday, 29 December 2011

Your Cat And Dry Food Consequences

Your Cat And Dry Food Consequences
If you are one of the millions of people who, in good faith, were fed with dry food for cats, based on the belief that it is healthy, nutritious option for domestic cats, then you're in good company.  
We have been led to believe that, through clever advertising, it dries on the basis of 'food' the grain is full and proper nutrition. In fact, it must necessarily be a ground of these products are seen as "fast food" for lovers of cats learners. 
 Even now remove natural diet of wild cats prey dry cat food, and it is almost impossible to maintain the health of cats when fed these diets for a lifetime. Even though these foods make it easy - just scoop and dump - cat pay the highest price in terms of chronic pain, and shorten life.  
He created the appearance of dry cat food if the well-meaning individuals can put the wrong fuel into the engine of their animals, and the results were disastrous. Almost all the medical conditions of today's cats, can be attributed to feed cats dry food.
A major problem with the dry food from the grain, and its headquarters, is the level of processed carbohydrates, usually in the form of grain or potatoes.
These starches, carbohydrates cargo of food and essential element in the production of dry kibble. Not only providing coverage is too expensive and the extra calories, but without these components in the training of the dog food will not be possible. 
 Mud, which made the kibble extrusion, and not "pop" in the stories of small size without the addition of carbohydrate fillers.
The cat's natural diet does not include a high level of carbohydrates. Based on the composition of food for wild beasts of prey, programmed to digest cat food cat about 55 percent protein dry matter, imports about 35 percent fat dry, and less than 2 percent of carbohydrates. This is not even remotely similar to a nutritious dry kibble.
The dense carbohydrate dry foods are a number of problems associated with many diseases of modern cats. 

for cat care:
 These include conditions such as lower urinary tract disease, for example: the formation of crystals of struvite and oxalate stones, kidney disease, (most of the cats over the age of 15 and kidney disease), heart disease, gum disease
 In the case of lower urinary tract disease and renal failure, and the main reason is dehydration. 
 Urine to become very focused on what is called the body to supply water in the digestive system in order to re-hydrate dry food. 
 Sharp Cat is not a natural water, because it is born as a predator of the desert.
In addition, because of high levels of carbohydrates in the digestive tract of the animal is a carnivore, and it becomes very alkaline urine and struvite crystals are the result of very common.
Must be such that the carnivorous cats eat meat in order to maintain the acidic environment in the kidneys and the bladder, thus creating a healthy environment for the treatment and disposal of toxins and excess fluids in the body.
When fed a diet of cereal for breakfast poison build up tartar, gum disease and must be one of the many unfortunate results. 
 Design dictates that the cat's teeth is, undoubtedly, the meat eaters needed, and are used to tear flesh. 
 When teeth are exposed on a daily basis, and the milling of dry kibble, will not only be the result of lime due to the carb content / sugary foods, but will not be a surprise on the degree of acidity in the oral cavity, and the lime Consequently, just as is the case in humans.
When the accumulation of lime left unchecked, can lead to gum disease, which then leaves the cat susceptible to diseases such as heart disease, kidney failure and other problems associated with the various organs of the body.
The enzymes in the digestive system, essential for the digestion process in all animals, is devoid of 'dead' the heavy processed, foods such as dry kibble.
Facing the heat that rises from the components that make up the dry food, and destroys the enzyme activity. 
 At this point, it should depend on the different activities of the digestive system of the body to provide sufficient enzymes to break food at the point where the body can benefit from it for growth, energy, etc. This process of "stealing enzyme" leaves of impoverished state, and the end result is the emergence of allergies.
Dry kibble and also lack essential fatty acids. 
 These fatty acids, also referred to as omega, is in fact necessary for the welfare of meat eaters, and are essential for the hormonal function, and many chemical reactions in the body.
The destruction of these omega-core facing the increase of temperature, exposure to oxygen.
It could be the lack of essential fatty acids in the skin due to poor health and coat, eye problems, kidney and liver degeneration and wound healing.
Cats need at least two of these essential omega - linoleic and arachidonic acids.
It has been found only in animal tissue arachidonic acid, so it is important that the cat consumes fresh raw meat, which can be found on this fatty acid Omega in abundance.
If we feed our cats are carnivorous companion to the degree you deserve, it becomes clear that we should abandon the temptation to take the easy way out of 'scoop and dump.  
We must make the choice of a diet as soon as possible to what nature intended. It must be a diet of raw meat necessarily an option.