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Saturday, 3 December 2011

Tips for understanding the cat

Tips for understanding the catYou are a new pet? If you have just bought a new snapshot, you may be excited!
After all, it should be.Owning a cat is a big responsibility, but one that is filled with many great rewards.There is nothing better than to see love and compassion in the eyes of the cat.  
In fact, this is not all what you see.And when you get a new pet to learn more, and you will start to notice many of the qualities and characteristics of the cat.After all, and all live animals and their attributes.At any time, and will have an understanding of the cat, just as he or she is one of the children or another person.Beautiful as it is to feel that you can understand your pet in the blink of an eye, you may be looking for more information.

After all, you may be curious about how to understand your pet.No, no response is received rights when it comes to your pet, but there are other signs that can be sent and your pet.To be the best pet possible to provide the cat with proper care, it is important for you to notice and take action when these signals are displayed.So, what you should look for a sign when you understand your cat? To begin with, do you know when the cat may be ready to fight? If your cat ready to attack you, someone else in the house, or another pet, and this is a sign that you'll be looking for.Although the cats are almost always safe, loved, and some anger issues. If your cat with his head down and is in a position Crouching, he may be ready to pounce.Many of the cats also try to hide behind an object, such as the sofa so as not to be seen.
Could be that cats, like humans and other animals in the development of a wide range of emotions, including anger.Even if the cat does not jump or attack, you may still he or she will be destroyed. Many of the cats moved their tails in a horizontal pattern.In fact, it seems that the cat is biting its tail back and forth, not only in the movement.Some cats also deal with their anger or hide the decline in the area that you feel comfortable or safeAlthough some cats pounce with a view to play, and will show many other signs of cats to playful.Never a happy one wants to play is usually very active. When the cat happy and excited, and can always move.He may be more tender with you, in the hope that allows them special attention and play.Another sign of the cat happy and excited, the head and tail and ears up.As mentioned earlier, and the reward of being a cat owner is to see the love and compassion in the eyes of the cat.What I can not understand is that this is in fact what you may be able to notice.
Was told that cats squint when considering, and you show it love and care for you.It was also E 'that biting and licking of other ways that cats show love and affection.The above examples are just some of the many that want to look for when trying to understand the cat.As a reminder, the process of understanding your cat is not one that should be in a hurry.All you have to do is give the cat the right amount of love and attention, and watching their reactions, and take note of any habits you can develop your new friend.Over time, your pet will understand the new soon.