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Thursday, 22 December 2011

My Cat

My Cat
Cat owner I hate to be split with my friend I like Tiger and ginger.
I can not wait to get home to see them in the end. I am also excited when it canceled the evening so that I can warm them in the house. My little angels and cats are a big part of my family. 
 They are there when you need a hug hair. Collection of states of mind and comfort to me if you want to or not.  
Sleeping in my head at night and sit on my stomach at 4 am without a clear reason.  
I love all their qualities Hurayrah, so why not have them join me in daily life as I do with my dogs?
Add to the start you need to start training their progress Hurayrah cover.

There is no way can be dealt with, such as cats are now.
And "may cause you stress and possibly lead them to panic attacks. 
Obviously, as a kitten does not have any preconceived ideas what they are or you are not authorized to do so, then this is the perfect time to try.
Be prepared to stop every 5 minutes, is still something very special to see on the streets these days.
Patience does not forget that a cat and a dog with characteristics very different. Dog tends to be more loyal and want to please their masters.  

Cats on the other hand, as we all know, their employers and get a line in the DNA of wild anyway. 
 So do not expect full obedience and be realistic all the time where it will be able to walk the cat. Certainly would not be expected to take them shopping, and keep up with me being on the streets for the day. However, on a trip by car to visit friends or a trip to a small local park, not outside the realms of possibility.
Choose a comfortable harness and a lightweight body, preferably white-collar because they will not easily slip collar. Should the cable that connects the wire to be mild (do not lead a dog) and have a very strong clip.  

I would suggest one that is about 5 feet long. Now that you have purchased your items you need to know the cat with them.
Began to leave the wires near the area of ​​sleep for a few days.
Encourage them to smell it, play with him, anything to get them used to the smell and feel.
The next step is to get them. 

 The best time to repair the harness only on the first feeding. Will focus more on the possibilities of dinner is what you are doing. Placed on the sea, and feed them and then see how much time will allow it.
Distract them with a game to keep them occupied, and then repeat the same procedure every day, and rising slowly to fit your body comfortably cats.
 Hope you will find a completely wire stays on longer and longer every day.
Then you will need to start his lead. 

 Leave the cable again until near the cat can get used to it and let them play with it if it helps. Now you're ready to walk first.
Begins at home and be patient. 
 Use encouraging words and begin to take the cat to the room. The steering wheel just like a puppy learning that they need to hear from you who are in good health. 
Does not pull the cable, but to be short so that they learn to stand next to you.  
Of course, the cat on a leash and a lot of things are interesting to capture their attention.
Birds, cats, trees for climbing, so get used to the length of the small steering wheel is a good idea.