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Monday, 5 December 2011

leukemia virus disease: a serious threat to your cat

 leukemia virus disease: a serious threat to your catJust like humans, cats can be life-threatening medical conditions too.  
One of the most common types of illness and death cat cats can be infected with the leukemia virus is a disease, known as leukemia.  
Leukemia, which is also present in humans, a disease of white blood cells.  
There are three main types of leukemia. Today, we can protect our cats for leukemia virus with the vaccine, so it's important to have your pet in good standing with the medical care at any time.With leukemia virus, and there are three categories of diseases.  
The first is the cancer of the blood, which are similar to what it is like cancer of the blood in humans. This is a cancer of white blood cells. However, not all diseases are cancer, leukemia. With lymphocytes are the second category.  
Even cancer, the disease starts in the lymphoid tissue around the lymph nodes. Because it affects the intestines, kidneys, liver and spine, brain, blood and bone marrow. 
The third category is the non-cancer diseases that fall under the umbrella of leukemia, including weakening of the immune system, anemia and arthritis. May be some of these diseases can be fatal.

They are the most common exposure of leukemia virus, feline when they come to blows. Leukemia is a virus that is spread primarily through saliva, and the surgeon has the cat bites during a fight in order to provide an entry point into the body. E 'can also get cats from leukemia, sharing food bowls or water, care each other, and the transmission of HIV from mother to child.  

If your cat leukemia private contracts, there may be many possible outcomes.  
Can not be certain forms of disease can be cured, however, prevent and this is important. Remember, however, that the cat can live with the disease for many years and so the vet can help you choose the best course of action.  
Cats infected with FeLV pose a risk to other cats, and so must live in houses and confined to a cat, or you can choose euthanasia.So far, no studies and found that no relationship between this disease in cats and diseases in humans, even your family should be safe.  
He said the high-risk individuals should avoid contact with sick animals.  
This includes infants, the elderly, AIDS patients, and patients with chemotherapy.  
Because the virus can live for more than a few hours out of the cat, and you are safe in the presence of cats to go home as soon as he went two days after an infected cat.  
Talk to your veterinarian for more details.