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Saturday, 3 December 2011

How To Care Diabetic Cat

 How to care diabetic cat : Cat and diabetes go hand in hand to ensure that the cat can live a normal life otherwise than usual.
It may be unfortunate for pet cats to have their own version of diabetes, also a serious affliction among humans.
It is also important for pet owners to know how feline diabetes affects cats and how they can help make life better for their pets by learning how to better care for them.
There are two types of feline diabetes that may affect your pet cats.
Type 1 is caused by an insufficient production of insulin while type 2 diabetes is characterized by the inability of the cat's body to process insulin more effectively.
And just like in humans, diabetes can also strike cats at any age but is more likely to affect older cats.

There is also a secondary feline diabetes that can be caused by drugs or by some diseases that may impair the natural processing of insulin in the body.
Cats also display symptoms that may tell veterinarians or pet owners of the onset of diabetes.
These symptoms also have similarities with what humans with diabetes develop as the disease progresses.
Cats may show frequent thirst and urination.