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Thursday, 22 December 2011

The aging in cats

The aging in cats create special needs, just like in people. 
 But unlike people, cats are not able to tell you what those needs are. 
 We may lose or forget the actions that need our attention. 
 You can observe the changes in the behavior of our cat plays a fundamental role in the aging process.
A major problem with older cats is diet. You may feel that if you buy commercial food called for the elderly who do the right thing.  

But this is not necessarily true. 
 In many brands, there is almost no different between adults and senior food composition, and despite their nutritional needs are not the same thing.
There should be a good balance between meals almost moisture food products made from fresh or canned and dry food that was still necessary to obtain it.
Another important element is the weight of old age.

 When the cat to stop running and jumping from one mobile to another, burn calories and much more.  
This means you need to make changes in the amount of food they provide.  
Obesity is a serious problem!
It needed?Many people have questions about supplements and if the cats need.  

Some people think that the proper diet will provide all the vitamins and minerals needed for the cat, while others think that the cat can benefit greatly from adding an extension in their diet.
And wisdom is to add nutritional supplements that contain enzymes, antioxidants, probiotics in food for cats.

 These additives may be useful for aging cats for the same reasons that usually benefit the people.
Favorite appendix is ​​probiotics, which help to absorb the nutrients a cat in a more efficient and helps in the proper disposal of products, thus improving the health of the digestive system. They also provide a stronger immune system that are more resistant to degenerative diseases.
In addition to probiotics, antioxidants such as vitamin C and E, coenzyme Q10 and alphalipoic acid help prevent degenerative diseases like arthritis, cancer, and helps maintain brain function.
Cats elderly subjects with constipation so more bran may be helpful. 

 The increase in glucosamine can help with arthritis, while antioxidants provide comprehensive protection against aging.
If your cat is having some health problems, your veterinarian may recommend certain supplements.
If your cat is suffering from digestive problems or do not eat as much as it should be, will almost always benefit from the added vitamins.
Severe drought
No matter what the cat to get enough to drink should be emphasized enough.  

Older cats are very sensitive to drought.
Sometimes the effort to walk three rooms have a glass of water seems like a good idea to have a snapshot of arthritis. 
 Maintain a small number of vessels in fresh water distributed throughout the house so easily accessible. 
 Cats that do not consume enough water susceptible to kidney disease and urinary crystal formation.
A little help please!
Cats will not be able to tell you but it could hurt him to jump out of bed and get up to that window only loves to sleep when you start spending more time close to the known surface of the earth, you may need to buy cat stairs or a ramp in a file.

This ensures that still has his favorite places.
Although cats are susceptible to a long list of health problems, mild or severe, early detection and awareness can do much to help make their senior years more enjoyable for both of you!