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Monday, 9 September 2013

Abnormal growths in the lower intestines of cats-Cat care

The growth of the flap-like protrusions in the cat is a condition called Rectoanal polyps anal and rectal walls. 
These polyps can be directly connected, connected to the intestinal walls (sessile), or through a cylindrical stalk-like connection.
The most Rectoanal polyps are non-cancerous, and only extensions of the innermost tissue lining of the intestinal wall. 

And while most cases of polyps in the rule are isolated, there are several polyps occasions suffering from cats.
The condition in this medical article described can dogs and cats influence. 

If you would like to learn how, Rectoanal polyps affects dogs, visit this page in the PetMD health library.
Cats suffer from Rectoanal polyps show tenderness or pain in the pass stool. 
The Chair are stained with blood or covered with mucus.
The exact cause of Rectoanal polyps is not clearly known. 

However, Rectoanal polyps are rare in cats, and neither race nor gender increases the likelihood of the clients of this disorder.
Your vet performs a thorough physical examination to your cat, considering the history of symptoms and possible errors that could have resulted in this State. 

Some of the common tests are a blood work and a urinalysis, which returns as normal. Imaging tools, such as x-rays and ultrasound do not apply for this specific diagnosis.
Some conditions that similarly caused by polyps can produce symptoms which are abscesses, tumors, inflammation, infection of the bowel and rectal prolapse. Diagnosis is typically a manual rectal exam the cat by a veterinarian, or by direct visualization of the polyp through the external anal opening.

Having a polyp is found, a colonoscopy with a steel pipe, flexible camera, can be conducted inserted through the anal opening, the presence of other polyps. 
A detailed pathological study of the tissue, as also the liquid from the polyps can also be filled out.
A thorough examination of the properties of urine; to determine the presence or absence of disease
The fall of something, as a rule visceral forward
A growth on the surface of the body
A type of mucus, which consists of certain salts, cells or leukocytes


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