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Sunday, 1 January 2012

What I Do To Make My Cat Happy

What I Do To Make My Cat Happy
We all know that the cat that spends most of his time inside the house is the healthiest. Studies show that indoor cats live nearly twice as long as outdoor cats. 
And reduce the risk of injury, illness, or delete them. 
Cat does not know, however, so how do you keep it happy to stay at home and around the neighborhood.
First of all, you will spend time playing with the cat made ​​him feel loved. 
Will be granted and the exercise of any help to understand the excess energy that may be facing.
Cats like to eat everything that is green.  
Some catnip growing in pots around the house, allowing him to chew on them. 
This will help to take care of his need to eat vegetables.
This will open a window containing the screen allows the cat to breathe fresh air safely. 
if you replace power window view of the Bear, is the cat to stay for hours on end while he was watching the birds come and go.
If you have a porch, and keeping the cat on a leash to allow him to lie in the sunshine and fresh air. Steering wheel will keep him safe haven for lost and not wander or damage. 
This is a case when it is important to make sure that even now the movie to him. 
This will ensure that does not catch any diseases flight.
Following the above suggestions to ensure a cat is a happy and healthy is covered, and all those who share their homes with a cat knows that makes the cat happy home happy.