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Monday, 2 January 2012

what can you do to be Sure Your Cat Will Use Their Litter Box

what can you do to be Sure Your Cat Will Use Their Litter Box
Problems of litter may be one of the biggest frustrations in owning a cat.  
If you start using the house as a litter box instead of the real, then you have a very big problem. 
 Many times, and can be easily solved if you know exactly where to start and what you are looking for.As you can see, cats are just a little 'picky, if the food is not entirely true, I do not eat, if the scratch is not right, do not want it. 
 The same applies to their own bedding, if they are placed just right, you do not want to use.Cats are not different people then when it comes to going to the bathroom, which as a bit 'of privacy. Should be placed in the litter box in a quiet area, especially from home, away from the hustle and bustle of family life.Here are 7 tips on work, and dealing with the litter.
Sometimes, only one of these suggestions to solve your cat box waste problem.
1. One of the first things to do, is to make sure that there are no obstacles and the cat can really get inside the penalty area. Many things may fall into the cat box, depending on where it is, laundry detergent bottles, baby bottles, clothes, books and bags of food, even cats. Checked regularly to make sure that the box can be easily accessible to the cat.2. Another very important thing to remember is that you should not put food and water in the immediate vicinity of the litter.  
Can have food and water in the same area but at a distance of about 6 feet would be the best. I think cats are more or less the same people who in this sense, as these areas are kept separate.3. Always try to put the cat box in the region far away from traffic areas, high, and privacy is very important that the cat and even the slightest distraction will make them stop doing what they are doing and look elsewhere for a place to do business4. If you have a cat cat box when it was a cat, you should check to make sure that the box the cat is still large enough for your cat. 
 If your cat can not turn around to get the location of a sound, then the window is very small and can become a reason not to use it.5. Suppose that there is no really good place at home to put the garbage can.  
An alternative would be to put the cat in the area of ​​your garage, and that includes food and water as well as the box. Disadvantage of this is that the door will be open or may be necessary to cut the door always brings in the largest, so that the cat will have access.6. Treasury, no carpet in the house, might be a good option to put the box where it can be a cat and the cat area. 
 Again, you must make sure your cat has easy access to the region, must remain open doors, or perhaps the child at security gate at the opening of the cat can jump on it to get to the closet. 
 A room without a carpet to be the best, but can use a thick layer of newspaper under the litter box to make sure you do not get messed on the carpet.7. Sometimes the cat use the litter box, but the goal will be poor, leading to a cat pee in and around the penalty area.  
The only solution I found to put the cat box on the wall and put layers of newspaper, about 10 cm behind the wall of the cat box.
If the cat in the box and spray high, the paper has been arrested. Place of 6 layers of newspapers around the square foot extension on the cat out of the box around the whole square. 
 This will take any kind of spray that goes over the edge of the box the cat.We all love our cats, otherwise, we do not have them around. 
 However, can the cat litter box problem to be one of those things that make you think that the separation of the cat would be best. After a little 'patience and control the position of the cat box, and make sure the cat knows where it is, and will go along way to solve this problem is really huge