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Thursday, 5 January 2012

Overweight Cat

 Overweight Cat
THIS tendency to identify evil and scary, not well understand the signs of cats are overweight. UN should be mixed breed male cats weight between seven and ten million pounds.
 This does not apply to large breeds Maine Coons come, and several other big cats to breed. It should be noted HYBRID Weigh Between nine and twelve pounds.
The older males of strains normally not more than a chili eighteen.
When you place the palm of the hand Silla chest, you should be able to feel the ribs easily.
YES if you can not even feel his ribs when he rubs his fingers back and forth along the rib cage, and you can feel the ribs, you're the Cat and certainly higher than the maximum weight.There was no "scientific study real" Made in relation to the Guidelines for Nutrition and Weight control cats, and studies we are aware, I have been made by commercial companies and pet food, in order to determine the amount accepted Since carbohydrate dry foods on earth.
These studies have led to the sake of supporting statically predetermined positions.
No one was in the studio Led nia against a low-carbohydrate diet, the diet being real meat of cats from predators.Essential nutrients: protein, fatIf we want to honor our friends cats (They expect to come!) We must dare They live long, healthy and happy.
If we want to understand the nutritional needs of meat eaters, we must recognize that cats have evolved with the enormous dependence of protein.  
We are led to believe that a statically Bowl "bottomless pit" of dry kibble, cat missing the "pasture" totally unacceptable.  
It 'is all too easy for UN cat pet, but not completely unacceptable.One cat and nutritional requirements for your state as a duty and meat eaters.
This need for food has evolved in the United Nations Environment and a variety of sources of fats and proteins, form of prey to Wild Animals. 
 He has no need of food have not been developed through the consumption of foods rich in carbohydrates (most of the Companion Animal Food Industry). 
 Created Millions of Years, a predator's reputation and satisfied when solo consume enough protein and fats. It 'should be noted that the signals do not trigger satiety through the consumption of foods that are rich in carbohydrates.
Enermax cat does not stop until the amount of satiety signals to trigger foods that they consume enough protein and fats.
Therefore, the consumption of foods rich in carbohydrates are the norm when he meets the cat food with more business, especially in dry form.Risk FactorsBecause of the risk factors Facing the tomb of cat obesity, diabetes and hepatic lipidosis. Additional side effects in cats are obesity and lack of skills to clean herself, especially around the rectal area, which can cause considerable discomfort, the region may have become contaminated with fecal matter.
Preparing, in general, can be difficult, and the result can dull coat.
Excess weight puts enormous strain on joints, and jumping can be painful. 
 Cats can become lethargic, and there is little or no interaction with the family.The SolutionBasically, the reason for obesity Cats nia and the United Nations and members of our family diet in the same way, the solution Also, and diet. 
 And based foods "weight control" commercial on the incorrect assumption that the levels should be low in fat and cats for the control weight. 
 Come already mentioned, not the level of fat, but the level of carbohydrates that should be reduced.
He made a point Foods "weight control" for good to deal with problems that are caused by an imbalance Fates IN ONE Food, in the first place, and you may be directed to the assumption that is not based on THIS "specialization" in Feline Conservation Food we have a healthy and lean, but not to earn more Food for Pets.  
An epidemic of obesity has created in the first place, then charged with finding a solution. 
 A high level of carbohydrate foods improperly nia "weight control" there is no solution.The only solution is worthy of consideration are the meat-based diet as much as possible duplicates, and the original nutritional content of foods, cats prey evolution. 
 When and the elimination of carbohydrates diet dry cat food kibble Laden piano, and the Changing of the UN fresh meal of protein, weight loss and inevitable. 
 Cats, on the consumption of a diet low in carbohydrates, do not eat too much is because the signal will begin to fill once can consume enough meat.When you switch to a proper diet, and eliminate Important All dried foods from the area of ​​the Cat.
 And Programming many cats herd and THIS Habit an turnabout A challenge overcome.  
Obesity cat should be fed about £ 14 1 / 2 pound of meat balanced mix of the United Nations one day to meet for the fame.
Less should be satisfied with Meno A little fat cat 'story and an amount.  
It will, healthy, lean cat-sized media Consumes approximately 4.1 to 3.1 pounds per day. 
 And these should be divided into partitions, because meals a day - is the ideal program for the morning, and Meta meta sera.