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Tuesday, 3 January 2012

How To Care Of Your Cat's Eyes

How To Care Of Your Cat's Eyes
For most cats, there is no need to clean their eyes on a regular basis, although some breeds such as Persian descent, may need regular assistance to clean their eyes.
In any cat that is not uncommon to find a store in a small corner of their eyes, and can be easily cleaned away with a damp cotton swab.
To avoid infection and advised to use boiled water for this purpose.
Cat's eyes are different from our country by the fact that they have three eyelids.

Rights are like the eyelids up and down, but moves the cover of a third or haw over the eye to pass from the nose in the face outside. 
I usually do not see haw cover but can be visible if the cat is somewhat 'of dust or dirt in the same session.
In this case you can bathe the eyes of cats with eyes, rinse diluted a bit 'and this should help to remove dirt and soothe the eye.
However, the emergence of the palpebral conjunctiva may also indicate other problems such as cat flu or other disease is imminent.

The simplest test is that if the palpebral conjunctiva is visible only in one eye, in this case could be an indication that there is dirt or dust in the eyes, but if you have both eyes conjunctiva visible then it could be the first sign of the disease.
If the lid must not refuse Haw within 24 hours are taken for a cat to the vet for advice.
Cats, unlike humans, "Do not cry for emotional reasons.

For them is the production of liquid tears just to keep their eyes clean and moist. 
For most cats, the liquid produces the banks out of the bottom of the ducts nasal tear running from each eye down into the nasal cavity.
However, in some breeds, such as the apartment across the Persian 
This does not work very effectively and, as a result of the fluid flowing and the hand. This is known as epiphora , which can also occur in any case the cat blocked tear duct for any reason.
Usually this is not a big problem and all you have to do is remove the soiled area with a cotton ball soaked in hot water radiator.

If the discharge is cloudy or you and your pet seems to be in any pain while you clean the eye area should seek the advice of your veterinarian.