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Monday, 2 January 2012

Every Cat Owner Should Have First Aid Kit

Every Cat Owner Should Have First Aid Kit
Accidents and natural disasters are inevitable.  
Cat owner, I feel responsible for the safety of a small feline friend. Just the way you need food, clothing and shelter, and cats in need as well.
However, the cat and give them basic needs are not fully adequate. Need to set something aside for possible future first aid in case of emergency.It 'better safe than sorry. And a first aid for your cat is more or less like having an insurance policy for him / her.
 On the other hand, may be of first aid does not cost much. 
 However, it is certainly important, and so it's worth having one.Here are the reasons you must have first aid kit for your cat. Notice also the needs that go with it. Do not you travel frequently with a furry friend? Whether by sea, land or air, sure to bring a cat carrier. 
 If you have more than one cat, be sure to bring a cat bed.Ideally, each cat and the cat carrier and private beds. Notes the size of cat carriers, cat beds to be purchased. Choose a size that is too big or small for your pet.
Secondly, they should have adequate ventilation. Thirdly, should be strong enough to protect your pets when traveling.Carriers such as cat and the cat family can not afford not to provide your cat with first aid kit. Things can be included in first aid vary from one owner to another. 
 First aid kit is very similar to a group of vanity. Other people may not have the article that you already have. However, here is a list of things that can be included in the kit.

Antiseptic Disinfectant
Emergency Ice
Pliers clean
Sterile gauze pads
Rolls of sterile gauze
Cotton balls
Cotton swabs
Rectal thermometer (preferably digital model)
Surgical Scissors
Hydrogen peroxide
Hydro cortisone cream
Trains the eye
A bandage clean
Eye wash solution
Surgical tapeIn addition to those mentioned above the key, here are some add-ons, you may need:
Zip lock bags - These bags are useful to prevent the escape of liquid.
Emergency numbers - this number includes owner (you) and the number of the veterinarian. I am writing this on a piece of the neighborhood, and install it on a package of water.
Food supply - vacuum Cats preparing food.
Check the details completed.  
Note that the food supply must be at least 5 years of life.
Bags tube - you definitely need those bags when you travel, if you do not want to disturb others.
And lead playing - these items if you have a lot of space is still in the group.  
And these sessions will offer pet boring.
There is a need to keep the cat from the water during the drought disaster when water can not access it - water.
Mild soap - this is necessary to wash the wound.With first aid, and the pet cat is more content.  
However, note that the first aid kit is not a substitute for a visit to the vet.  
There is a need to provide care only before regular therapy. In severe cases, visit the vet