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Wednesday, 4 April 2012

Special Needs for Cats

Special Needs for Cats
Special needs cats, or "other-baled" cats often need special care
They may have been born with special needs, contracted retroviruses such as FIV or fELv, developed diseases such as Diabetes, or Chronic Renal Failure, or lost limbs through accident, cruelty, or amputation. 
Blind or deaf cats may have come that way at birth, through malnutrition or disease, or by other means. Some cats may have a combination of special needs, e.g., a blind cat may also be FIV positive
The one thing all special needs cats share is the fact that they can be active, loving companion cats, despite what we humans might call "disabilities." I prefer "other-baled," which I first saw mentioned by Amy Shojai, Puppies Guide for About.com, and former Contributing Writer for Cat Behavior
Cats have an amazing ability to amplify their other senses and abilities when they lose one
As an example, blind cats can quite readily find their way about the home with their marvelous sense of scent and hearing, coupled with tactile "road maps" of whiskers and fur
Tripod kitties, such as Sierra, can get around quite readily, thanks to cats' innate ability to balance